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Trailer of Dwayne Johnson starer Rampage is here

Dwayne Johnson | Rampage | Peter Jackson | Jeffrey Dean Morgan |

The trailer of Dwayne Johnson starer Rampage is here and it is helping us to remember the circumstances when watching Peter Jackson’s King Kong was an involvement in itself. Dwayne Johnson’s character has a solid bond with George, a phenomenally astute gorilla. However, a hereditary analysis on the gorilla goes …

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Christian and Ana’s Fifty Shades Freed trailer released

Fifty Shades Freed | Jamie Dornan | Dakota Johnson | E. L. James |

Everything is marvelous and wonderful in the life of now wedded couple Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson).”Great morning wife…” implying that Fifty Shades Freed may take their sentiment to another level. The trailer of the most recent film in the sensual spine chiller set of three …

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